Daily Digests

This forum includes information on how to use the CrashForum.info site. It is set up by the administrators to help new users understand how to make posts/topics, add attachments, create daily/weekly/monthly email digests, bookmark topics and customize settings. This section also includes information on how to become a "Verified Member" and access the entire site.
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Daily Digests

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This feature was specially designed for the user that likes to do most of their forum reading "on-line" rather than getting multiple emails per day. If this sounds like you, click on the "User Control Panel" on the top right of the screen and then click on the tab that reads: "Digest". Here you can select the frequency at which you receive your daily digest of information. You can also select the style of the email you will receive (HTML is recommended). You can also change the time that you want to receive your daily email.

You may also customize which forums you would like to see in your daily digests. For example, you can either get updates on the entire CrashForum.info site, or a specific forum of your choice. To do this, select the "Forums Selection" option in the "Digest" tab and place a check mark in the box of the forum you would like to see in your digest. If you would like all of the forums, select the radio button for "All Posts". In the next option in the "Digest" tab, you can select how many posts are contained in the daily email, minimum words that you consider a "post", the ability to show new posts only, and the exclusion of your own posts. Lastly, in the last option in the "Digest" tab, you can change the order that your email is formatted, the maximum words in a post, and the option to send a "Daily Digest" even if no posts for that day were made.
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