You do not have the required permissions to read topics...

This forum includes information on how to use the site. It is set up by the administrators to help new users understand how to make posts/topics, add attachments, create daily/weekly/monthly email digests, bookmark topics and customize settings. This section also includes information on how to become a "Verified Member" and access the entire site.
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You do not have the required permissions to read topics...

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You tried to access a Forum area and you get a message that reads:
You do not have the required permissions to read topics within this forum.
Was related to: "Applying for Access to Restricted Groups"

Those who have been using for a while may have noticed a recent change to access. Based on input from Forum users, we've eliminated the separate group designations we had initially ("CDR Users/Analysts," "Heavy Truck EDR users," and "Professional Accident Reconstructionists") in favor of a single group "Verified Crash Forum Members." Originally, the groups gave Forum Members access to specific forums that were private to members of these groups. Initially, members had to apply for each separate group they wanted to be part of and then be separately added to that group. As it turned out, almost all members belonged to all three Groups. To streamline the process and allow verified members (i.e.: those who are members of other recognized online groups) to have greater access and involvement on the Forum, we merged those three groups into one.

To apply for "Verified Access" find the "User Control Panel" in the upper right portion of the Main Board page. Next, click on the "Usergroups" tab. Finally, select the "Verified Crash Forum Members" option and make sure the dropdown box says "Join Selected" and then press submit. You will be asked to confirm your application and then you will be redirected back to the board index. Behind the scenes, an email will be sent to the administrators, the moderators or group leaders for approval.

Once you're identified as someone with appropriate credentials for access, you will be added to the requested group and you will be able to access the restricted forums. Verified Crash Forum Members have to be affirmatively identified as a real person involved in crash reconstruction, someone who is a reconstructionist or CDR Technician or Analyst but now, these individuals will be give wider access within the Forum. New applicants to the Forum still have to be verified before being granted access to the "Verified" section.
- Rusty Haight
Collision Safety Institute

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