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Searching for topics and posts

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 11:52 pm
by seanhaight
Searching the CrashForum can be done in two ways:

1. Click on the "search" button on the main banner found on each page. Here, you can search for a keyword and even include options like: specific forums, whether or not the keyword is in the body of the post or title, and when the post was made. Using this option is an internal way to search throughout the website. A search will return a list of topics with your keywords highlighted. The current drawback with this method is that if the keywords are too common or non-descriptive, then an error will be returned asking for more descriptors or less common keywords. If this happens, try search method #2.

2. Another way to search the CrashForum is to use the Google "" option. To accomplish this, simply go to and use their search bar (or this can be done in the browser search bar). Type in the keywords you would like to search and then add the phrase: This will tell google to search this site for your keyword. A list of pages with your keywords will be returned to you.

Lastly, the AR Search Engine ( is always a great tool for looking up information as well. This site is included in that search engine, as well as many other accident reconstruction related website.