How do I attach a "sanitized" CDR file to a post?

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How do I attach a "sanitized" CDR file to a post?

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In this forum, we can attach a file we have a question about directly to the thread. There's no need to chase down a CDR file in some folder structure outside the context of the thread, it all stays right there together. So, when we have specific questions about a CDR file, it's always the best practice to have the actual CDR file to look at. One may have a specific point or issue in mind; however, there may be more than one data parameter or element that may have a bearing on that issue and reviewing the entire CDR file would give those reading and eager to help a chance to offer meaningful advice. Moreover, we should keep in mind the "important notice" from Bosch and the OEs which reads, in part:
...use the latest production release of the Crash Data Retrieval system software when viewing, printing or exporting any retrieved data from within the CDR program. Using the latest version of the CDR software is the best way to ensure that retrieved data has been translated using the most current information provided by the manufacturers of the vehicles supported by this product....
So, to be able to get the most meaningful advice and information based on the current translation of the data and later, when we might look back at the thread as a reference, it's really important to have the actual CDR file to open and review in the latest version of the program. We can't open a PDF file with the CDR program so that really isn't the best thing to work with and that should be avoided. (Yes, there are times when that's "all we have" but we need to keep in mind that limits the potential value of the discussion or help offered.)

We also realize that there are times we are reluctant to share a CDR file because it might contain information related to an active case. For that reason, the first step might be to "sanitize" the sequence number and perhaps case information and comments from the file before posting it. Attached to this thread is a document explaining the process with screen captures of the process in the CDR program. These steps are:
  • 1. With the CDR file open, from the menu bar, select “FILE” the “Save without Sequence Number” (dialog boxes are shown in the attached PDF document).

    2. A dialog box will open to your default file storage folder. You can navigate to another folder if you would like.

    3. Find the “Save as Type” pull down selection bar, the default choice is to save as a CDR File. This option will scrub the last 6 (the sequence number) of the VIN from the CDR file and then allow you the option to name the file what you want and then save it.

    4. If you want to scrub the last 6 of the VIN and the case information and comments entered, at the “save as type” pull down selection bar, choose “clear comments and Case information.” This option will scrub the last 6 (the sequence number) of the VIN from the CDR file AND the Case information and Comments and then allow you the option to name the file what you want and then save it.

    5. Neither option will change or in any way alter your original CDR file, this is simply making a “sanitized” copy which may be distributed without specifically identifying information (VIN, case information and comments).

    6. The file can then be uploaded to the Forum for exchange and review. The File information block and comments section of a file with those elements removed. Later, when the file is uploaded for review as part of a thread, others can open it in the latest version of the CDR program, see the latest translation of the data and offer more meaningful insight to questions and requests for assistance.
Next, you can upload the file (or any file) to the Forum as an attachment which would appear in your post or with it as an attachment. The steps to attach a file are:
  • 1. Attaching a file or photo to a Forum Thread post is easy and an excellent way to make your question or comment clear. The attachment can be done in a few easy steps.

    2. When you have a new topic or reply dialog window open, you will find a tab under the message window which reads “Upload Attachment.”

    3. Selecting “Upload Attachment” will change the bottom of the dialog area to allow you to browse your computer folders to find the file you would like to attach, add comments there now (or later) and then click on the “add the file” button to upload the file where it can be attached to your Forum Thread post.

    4. Once the attachment/upload is completed, you will see, at the bottom of the posting dialog box, an area which bears the title “posted attachments." There is another open field in that area in which you can enter (or change) “file comments."

    5. At this point, you can begin or resume writing or editing your Forum Thread post (in the open field above the “posted attachments” area of this window). At some point in that process, you may choose to insert the attachment you uploaded directly into your post. This can be done by clicking on the “place inline” button below the post dialog box which will result in some code appearing in the post window.

    6. In the alternative, you can place the attachment at the end of the Forum Thread post by simply “submitting” your thread using the button at the bottom of the posting window.

    7. Consider using the “preview” button to see how your post and attachments will look before actually submitting it in final form.
If you need help, feel free to PM any of us here on the Forum.
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