Posting news articles and web site links

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Posting news articles and web site links

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Please feel free to post interesting and relevant news articles that you may find as you roam the "internet superhighway..."

When you post, include the title of the article, the web address (URL) and maybe a quick summary if you'd like. For the URL, notice above the field you would be tying into and below the subject field there are buttons. One is "URL" where you would highlight a web link (URL) people could follow. If you want to include the first sentence or couple lines from the article, "quote" it using the button above. Remember to put your URL or text between the [???] brackets. So, to add an on-line news article, for example, you might post something like this:

Your car's black box can reveal all from the Worcester (MA) Telegram
While many cars no longer have ashtrays under their dashboard, most cars built in the past decade contain an event data recorder, more commonly known as a ...
Using the buttons above the area where you write your post, the text you would enter would look like this:

{i]Article title [/i] http://www.url you want to link to ] from the referenced source

to get this: Your car's black box can reveal all from the Worcester (MA) Telegram

HOWEVER, you'll have to change the brace I have highilghted in red { to a bracket [ to make it work. (I couldn't do that here or you wouldn't see the formatting, it would just show up like it does in the example above.) The coding with the brackets [ ] turns on things like bold or italic and then the same code with the slash in front of it turns that code off in your post.
- Rusty Haight
Collision Safety Institute

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