2014 Honda Crv

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2014 Honda Crv

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Is there any way the EDR could somehow reset and show no event recorded? Over writing a non-deployment event that was recorded from an accident over three years prior?
Battery replacement etc???
Curious because I was hit and three years later dealing with insurance and they are telling me no event was recorded (less than 5mph) when the damage states otherwise and how hard I was hit and by what type of car.
I just find it odd that they where able to locate the car over 3 years later and it shows no events.

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Re: 2014 Honda Crv

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Mr. Brown,

Let me preface this by saying that normally I do not answer questions in the public forum because I do not want to discuss specifics of a case publicly. However this is a pretty straight forward question and answer.

The answer to your question, "Is there any way the EDR could somehow reset and show no event recorded?" is no.

Vehicles manufactured after Sept. 1st, 2012 (2013 model year) cannot "clear" events. Events can be overwritten by other subsequent events, but not cleared.
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