2012 Kia EDR "wakeup" (SPLIT TOPIC)

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2012 Kia EDR "wakeup" (SPLIT TOPIC)

Post by ab@cdagroup » Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:02 am

Hi any idea what the wake up is on the 2012 kia edr is it going to be the same as the new 5mph standards.

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2012 Kia EDR "wakeup"

Post by mikemerolli » Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:24 pm


"Wakeup" and Recording Threshold are two different parameters. The recording threshold for 2013 and newer Kia models is a delta-V of 5 mph. There is no commercially available tool to download 2012 and older Kia models. Although there have been instances of VIN spoofing older models, that practice is not considered reliable. Wes VanDiver did complete a successful study on an older Kia, but he purchased an exemplar vehicle and completed fully instrumented crash tests in order to compare the EDR data. He found some, but not all, parameters translated correctly using the Kia tool.
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Re: 2012 Kia EDR "wakeup" (SPLIT TOPIC)

Post by Rusty Haight » Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:39 pm

First, I split this thread off the original thread because it takes a different tangent than the original post/thread it was posted under and would be more appropriate on its own in the public EDR forum.
ab@cdagroup wrote:Hi any idea what the wake up is on the 2012 kia edr is it going to be the same as the new 5mph standards.
As Mike pointed out, "wake up" and "recording" are two different things. An airbag control module has to "wake up" before it can do pretty much anything else including get to the point where it may record data.

The underlying question assumes there's some 5mph "standard" associated with either "wake up," recording or both - there is not.

"Wake up" is a function of the airbag control module sensing some preset level of g's acceleration, not delta-V. Recording is a threshold set by the manufacturer which may be reached in a crash after "wake up" where (1) an air bag deployment was commanded (without respect to the delta-V), (2) some other priority device was "deployed or activated" (without respect to the delta-V), and/or (3) a crash where, in a certain period of time, the airbag control module saw a certain delta-V.

The closest thing to a "standard" in this respect would be 49CFR563 which calls for data to be recorded where there is an EDR device or function in the car and, by inference, there was an airbag deployment. Beyond that, the regulation doesn't say the manufacturer has to record other events (presumably "non-deployments") where the delta-V does or doesn't reach a specified magnitude. Some manufacturers - not all - have adopted 8km/h (about 5mph) as that delta-V threshold but it's not a "standard" and not every manufacturer has adopted that approach.
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Re: 2012 Kia EDR "wakeup" (SPLIT TOPIC)

Post by Bob Anderson » Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:37 am


The 2012 Kia will be pre- part 563 and therefore may or may not have the 5 mph Delta V within 150 msec requirement for a recording.

Unfortunately, there has not been much low speed testing on these unsupported vehicles. I would point out that in the Vandiver paper (SAE 2015-01-1445) an event was recorded in Test 3 which was a 6.3 mph frontal Delta V, but not in Test 6 which was a 6.1 mph rear-end Delta V.

Hopefully the Kia belongs to your client and you can talk them into doing instrumented tests to investigate this issue :mrgreen:
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Re: 2012 Kia EDR "wakeup" (SPLIT TOPIC)

Post by KiaEDR » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:06 pm

I experienced a front impact on a 2015 Kia Sorento. My car was stationary with the brakes engaged; the other car may have slightly exceeded 5 miles per hour however it was smaller (less mass). Given the compression roll back of vehicle and suspension under this force a transfer of momentum would have registered > 5 mph Delta V. Assuming that it did in fact register the minimum input, will in fact this non-deploy event be captured? Additionally, any idea how many ignition cycles I have until the data is reset?


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