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Volkswagen Passat B7 Wrong CRASHDATA=problem with insurance

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:39 pm
by sagan
Hello all

I am writing because i have big problem with insurance company. Couple mounths ago I had got car accident while front AIRBAGS deployed. After crash I removed baterry because I was scared about fire (battery was demeged in crash also).

30 day after crash, car was checked by insurance agent by VCDS diagnostic program. Diagnostic test showed wrong day of deploying AIRBAGS (but time was right). After one week car was checked again by Volkswagen OEM service, and new test showed also wrong date but another than in first test (time was right again) . Between diagnostic tests battery was removed. I have to add, that both diagnostic test showed that controllers have problem with powering (battery was demaged becouse of the crash).

Do you ever heared about situation the same like mine or similar? Incurance agency said I modified data in airbag conroller, and AIRBAG didn't deployed during the crash. They didn't payid anything for my crashed car, and now I stayed without car and money.

I will be really thankful if you can answer.