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EDR / CDR Application Questions

PostPosted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:19 pm
by KiaEDR
2015 Kia Sorrento
CDR Data Recovery
Non-Deploy Event

1. Event Threshold: Any ideas around the minimum threshold that triggers the event to be recorded?
2. ACM capability Verification: Is there a way using the model number of the ACM to verity data available?
3. CDR Tool: From investigations to date, it looks like I need a GIT EDR Tool? Any suggesting on where to purchase one? From research to date, looks like the access is simply through the OBD2 connector.
4. Time Limit: Any idea how many ignition cycles I have until the data is reset? As the data may come from other modules besides the ACM (ECU, BCM) are there additional factors to consider?
5. Execution: I have previous experience using J1950 and BOSCH CAN 2.0 networks, however I have not done it in a while. Would my previously experience translate over to this tool? Any recommendations on how to study the application? I realize for the Kia it may not work (need to finish investigation) however are there any other tools available? For example, I’ve used the NeoVI before to reprogram and replace modules. I would prefer to do the work myself if possible.

Any additional considerations or recommendations? I need to obtain the data to show my vehicle was stationary prior to the event.

Thanks for the help.

(PS: I though I had posted this however when I look at the boards, I did not see it. I apologize if its double posted.)