2010 Ford Edge

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2010 Ford Edge

Post by AlbertaRecons » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:40 pm

Have an off-set head on collision, left corner to left corner, collision. The 2010 Ford Edge airbags deployed; driver front, left curtain and lumbar. CDR data report shows no event. PCM data shows no RDS signal sent either but does provide usable data.
Is this a known issue with this module? Power loss may have occurred but usually get something recorded advising of event.
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Re: 2010 Ford Edge

Post by DPatrickRyan » Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:19 am

I think the battery for this vehicle is located inside the left fender / wheel well. My guess is, it got taken out early in the event, resulting in a catastrophic power loss. Reserve energy was sufficient to command the deployment of various pyros, but not to record anything. As a result, no RDS was sent. This power loss is also the only reason you have useable PCM data: if the PCM had remained powered in the absence of an RDS, it would have filled the circular buffer and overwritten the pre-crash data with post-crash data, i.e. a whole bunch of zeroes. In short, it's all consistent with an early power loss, so take your PCM data and be happy! (And remember: if we're working on this one, particularly if we're opposite you, you can't quote anything I say here! :D )
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