Does the damage tell a story?!?!

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Does the damage tell a story?!?!

Post by Firstaccident »

Hello. I'm thankful for this forum. We got into our first accident and aren't sure what happened. We were in the maroon car
and think the other car (silver)
side swiped us speeding. The other car said we were changing lane. Can the damage tell a story? Please share your thoughts. Thanks so much.

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Re: Does the damage tell a story?!?!

Post by fullgrown26 »

I am a state trooper and I have worked several crashes such as this. Judging from the damage I saw in the pictures, it does appear that the silver car was going faster than the maroon car. This is shown by the way the damage to the maroon car is pulled out and towards the front. From what I can tell on the silver car, the damage was pulled towards the rear. An actual speed determination is basically impossible. Without any marks in the road which would show where the crash occurred, you cannot determine what were the positions of the vehicles in the roadway at the time of the crash. Either the silver car moved into the maroon car's lane or the other way around. Without an independent witness or any road marks, who was exactly at fault cannot be determined. I know this probably doesn't help you much but good luck!

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Re: Does the damage tell a story?!?!

Post by mchenrysoftware »

first let me make a disclaimer...this is just a quick look/observation. Obviously more photo or examination coverage of damage would be better but quick observation:
Your car, from the photos appears to only have damage to the RF quarter panel (is there more damage down the side of your car?)
The silver car has damage all down the side of the vehicle
that would appear to indicate that you had an angle w/r to the lane and the silver car swiped by you (so obviously going faster than your car)
so that would support you making a lane change or having an angle w/r to the lane.
Any witnesses?
Do witnesses place you in your lane and the other vehicle making a change across in front of you into your lane since if that vehicle passed into your lane then it is possible they could have produced the angularity and only interacted with your RF quarter panel however post impact did they then swerve back to the right to bring the vehicle to rest on the right shoulder?
If you produced the angle then they would have simply have had to pull to the right from the right lane to come to their position of rest.
The problem with simply looking at 2 photographs with possible incomplete coverage of all damage areas and not knowing where the initial interaction occurred, what witnesses said (if any) and what each vehicle did after the impact (since minor interaction you both obviously pulled to the right shoulder after?)
guess that's the possible stories from those 2 photos.

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Re: Does the damage tell a story?!?!

Post by davehofsetter »

Well it does tell a story depending on how was the investigation. Speaking from personal experience, I hired an external firm to conduct an investigation regarding an accident I had a few years ago. It provided me a detailed insight into the specified event which further helped me during legal proceedings. So yes, a damage does tell a story.

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