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Accident Information based on damage

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Accident Information based on damage

Post by KK1978 » Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:22 pm

I was pulling into a parking spot and I hit the car parked to the right (the owner was in the car at the time). I had thought that it was my fault and that I had just turned into the parking spot to soon. However, when I parked a few spots down and got out to go talk to them, the car had left. A few days letter someone told me that they saw the accident happen and that she thought she saw the other car backing out when we made impact. Additionally, the damage to my car seems to be very extreme to be the result of my car just hardly bumping into the other car at very very slow speed (my backseat door is completely nocked in and entirely dented). Is there any information I can find out about the accident based on the damage? Like the angle of impact, speed of eater car, if the other car was moving or not, or anything else?

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