Crash with tree, Front end damage, no airbag deployment.

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Crash with tree, Front end damage, no airbag deployment.

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Came across this site and hopefully it can put my mind at ease. My wife was just in an accident in her 2016 Suburban. She went off the road, and ended up with the car resting on a tree. Everyone was ok. However something eating at me is that when I got to the scene I really do not recall see damage in the front. I specifically recall thinking that to myself. However upon getting to the car the following day there was quite a bit of damage. Two questions: 1. if a corner impact such as shown on the picture, shouldn't the airbag go off? 2. I was not present when the tow truck removed the suburban. Could something have happened when they were picking it and how would I investigate that?

Thanks in advance. I'm not claiming conspiracy theory or anything but it's really driving me crazy.

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