2014 ARC-CSI Crash Conference

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2014 ARC-CSI Crash Conference

Post by sbaker » Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:58 am

The 2014 ARC-CSI Crash conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada June 2-5. This is the largest crash event of the year. Early registration ends on April 19, 2014 (save $200). In addition, NAPARS and ARC Network members also save an additional $50 off registration!

The ARC-CSI Crash Conference qualifies for ACTAR CEUs (typically between 24-28 units). There will also be an ACTAR exam on the Sunday before ARC-CSI begins.

Also, the ARC-CSI Crash Team Boot Camp is filling up, only a couple spots left for the opportunity to be a part of the crash team and learn all about crash testing and what goes on behind the scenes. For more information visit the Boot Cam Web Page - http://www.arccsi.com/bootcamp.html (Boot Camp participants earn extra ACTAR CEUs!)

The tentative schedule is as follows:

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Presented by Scott Baker and Rusty Haight

Reconstruction Techniques for Analyzing Low Delta-V Crashes
Presented by: Billy Cox, Jr.

HVEDR: New Engines, New Software, New Coverage
Presented by: Mike DiTallo and Bill Messerschmidt

Human Fatigue and 1 Big Risk Factor to Driver Performance
Presented by: Clinton Marquardt, MA, RPSGT

Motorcycle Sliding Friction
Presented by: Louis Peck, MSME

Quick Clearance of Serious and Fatal Collisions Using GPS/GIS Technology
Presented by: Andrew Klane

Vehicle History Data Applications to Crash Reconstruction
Presented by: Jeff Lamarche

Wheel Slip and it's Effect on Reported Vehicle Speed
Presented by: David Hallman

The Impact of Inadequate Repairs on Vehicle Structural Integrity
Presented by: Danny Wyatt

Modern Methodologies in Accident Reconstruction
Presented by: Mike Kennedy

Crash Team Boot Camp Data
Presented by: 2014 ARC-CSI Crash Team Boot Camp

Crash Test Data Review (Mondays Crash Tests)
Presented by: ARC-CSI Crash Team

To kick off the 2014 ARC-CSI Crash Conference, we will be transporting all attendees on a fleet of coach style buses to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a full day of live, fully instrumented crash testing. Attendees are welcome to video tape, photograph and inspect the crashes. Lunch will be provided.

The crash test plan for the 2014 ARC-CSI Crash Conference is shaping up to be another unique and exciting combination of tests with a variety of focus areas. Tied in to some of the presentations, the test focus areas for 2014 include offset frontal crashes with and without rotation, low delta-V crashes with a look at previously under explored data the effect of wheel slip, how improper or inadequate repairs on a previously crashed vehicle effect subsequent crash performance and more.

We already have another bus and several cars selected for this year's test series which, as in years past, will be the basis for a data, video and photo-packed DVD to be distributed at the end of the conference.

As always we will also have a large vendor area where you can visit the vendor booths during the catered breakfast and lunches as well as all the coffee and snack breaks. The following vendors are registered: 4N6XPRT Systems, ARC Network, ARAS 360, Cad Zone, Crash Data Group, Engineering Dynamics, Laser Technology, Leica Geosystems, MapScenes, NAPARS, Racelogic USA, and Visual Statement. We anticipate about 20 different vendors.

Laser Technologies will also be hosting the "Hospitality Suite" which will be open to attendees on Tuesday and Wednesday evening after the conference. This is a private suite where attendees can come a network and relax with their peers. The hospitality suite is catered with complimentary snacks and beverages.

Hope to see you at the conference. http://www.arccsi.com
Scott Baker
Crash Data Group
(800) 280-7940

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