Las Vegas - Local 8 News: Investigators Crash Cars for Research

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Las Vegas - Local 8 News: Investigators Crash Cars for Research

Post by seanhaight » Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:26 pm ... r-research
LAS VEGAS -- There are traffic accidents every single day in the Las Vegas valley, but we don't always get to witness those few seconds before a crash happens. Those few seconds can help investigators determine what went wrong and to make roads safer in the long run.

Law enforcement, accident investigators, and engineers from across the country are gathering at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to learn from dramatic crash testing in an effort to save lives.

In one crash, a remote control vehicle going full speed crashed into an ambulance with two dummies in the back. It was just one of the many tests that took place as part of conference co-sponsored by the Collision Safety Institute.

That particular crash was aimed at improving safety inside a first responder vehicle.

"It's very chilling to see the post collision," said paramedic Russell Haight. "If you have head injury, significant chest injury abdominal injury, yes, death can occur."

Metro was also on hand, saying watching the different scenarios leading up to these crashes will help them reconstruct traffic accidents much more effectively.

The conference does its part to improve technology, but when it comes down to it, authorities say nothing beats common sense behind the wheel. They continue to ask drivers to stop speeding and texting while driving. ... r-research
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