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This forum is designed for the discussion of Accident Reconstruction topics and Event Data Recorder Technology (this includes, but is not limited to, the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval system and Heavy Vehicle EDR technologies). This forum is restricted to the "Verified Crash Forum Members".
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  • Reconstructionist Information Exchange
    This forum is for Accident Reconstructionists to discuss technical topics related to crash analysis technology, methodology, tips and the like. Administrator: Rusty Haight Moderators: Wade Bartlett (wade_b), Wes Vandiver (WVandiver)
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  • Crash Data Retrieval User Forum
    This forum is open to current "Verified Crash Forum Members" who may be CDR Tool Technicians or Analysts using the Crash Data Retrieval System. Administrator: Rusty Haight Moderators: Mike Merolli (mikemerolli), Bruce McNally (actar670), Patrick Ryan (DPatrickRyan)
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  • CDR Tool Technical Support
    This forum is designed to create a place where CDR system users can post technical issues with either the software or hardware interface. Users are encouraged to reply to technical problems with their own solutions. Administrator: Rusty Haight Moderators: Bruce McNally (actar670), Shawn Gyorke (shawngyorke)
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  • CDR Technician Trainers
    This forum is for CDR Tool Technician Trainers to discuss topics related to the advancement of Technician classes and is designed to promote standardized Technician training. Administrator: Scott Baker (sbaker) Moderators: Mike Merolli (mikemerolli), Shawn Gyorke (shawngyorke)
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  • Non-CDR Supported Vehicles
    This forum is for the discussion of potential data from or the future for potential data from vehicles not currently supported for access using the Bosch CDR Tool. Since that access list may change frequently, some topics here may be moved to another Forum as appropriate. Moderators: Wes Vandiver (WVandiver), Bruce McNally (actar670)
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  • Heavy Vehicle EDR User Forum
    This forum is available for current Heavy Vehicle EDR users. Administrator: Sean Haight
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  • Vehicle Technical Systems
    This forum is for the discussion of vehicle technical systems such as brake/ABS, powertrain, and electronics systems EXCLUDING CDR or EDR Technical systems. Administrator: Sean Haight Moderators: Bob Anderson, Bruce McNally (actar670)
    Topics: 15
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  • Biomechanical Information Exchange
    This forum is for biomechanics and accident reconstructionists to discuss technical topics related to biomechanics, crash injury and injury potential. Administrator: Rusty Haight Moderators: Bob Anderson
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