Do pictures show enough to support likelihood of how this accident happened?

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Do pictures show enough to support likelihood of how this accident happened?

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Hi - my son was involved in a low speed offset head on collision, driving a 95 Jeep Cherokee Country while taking a hard right turn on a country backroad with no witnesses and was hit by an uninsured motorist driving a 2011 Kia Forte, whose driver attempted to flee the scene (home was .6 miles away) but only make it around the curve uphill a couple of hundred feet away from the impact. She claimed to insurance that she left the scene because her brakes had ‘acted funny’.
The other driver’s car was auctioned off before any evaluations were done, and the only pictures provided of the Kia are mostly illegible. I’ve been told that without both vehicles, I can’t have a professional prove who was at fault, and my uninsured motorist policy denies proof of fault. We only had liability and uninsured motorist on the vehicle so no support from insurance. My son suffered a TBI with mild basilar invagination (where the C2 vertebrae touches the brain stem) and suffers severe PTSD and Post Concussion Syndrome (& autism), and I’ve been unable to get any resolution for him with this.
The police report shows him at fault as crossing her lane. When I asked him, he said it was because the debris and his tire was in her lane. However, he was turning into a hard right (you hug the curve doing this), and she was cutting across the left lane.
A complication: he had concussion symptoms for 6+ weeks w vomiting and bedridden daily, and didn’t remember anything between seeing her right before impact and hearing her accelerating and driving away until his concussion symptoms stopped, and he woke up that day and said ‘I remember! He said she’d hit him once in the curve, and he hit his head on the steering wheel (and I’ve been told this model Jeep has a history of the airbag sometimes not deploying in certain conditions) and then he said she backed up, accelerated, and hit him again (steering damage?) while he was slumped over recovering, and that that was when his airbag deployed, hitting him on his head. (Papers on basilar invagination say it typically occurs from higher speeds, which is unlikely in an almost 90 degree curve, or from being hit on the head.)
I believe the likelihood of this, especially since she was looking down at her phone, uninsured, and 0.6 miles from home in the woods.
So three possibilities: First scenario as charged: he oddly swung into her lane (I taught him how to drive on this road and I know how very unlikely that is) and hit her, and she somehow continued to roll uphill past him while he’s in her lane, around a corner out of sight after a head on collision. Second scenario: she did cross into his lane, hit him offset, and shoved his front left tire partly into her lane and his back right wheel off the side off the road. Third scenario: she hit him, the cars collided and it slung her backwards, and then after a moment, she accelerated, had steering trouble, and hit him again as she sped away.
Does anything in these pictures show enough support if one of these scenarios that would make it worth me to continue trying to find a specialist who could vouch for at the least, the most likely scenario?
I thank you for any advice, information or comments you have. I’ll post pictures. I also have videos of the scene from both directions but don’t know if I can successfully post those. I have lane pictures from both directions with markers but can’t figure out how to add additional pictures. Thank you!

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Re: Do pictures show enough to support likelihood of how this accident happened?

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Maybe, maybe not. There isn't a lot of detail in the pictures, you can add another set of pictures to another post but to really make sense of the crash someone would need detail, objective facts, and views of the area from multiple angles and probably the rest of the crash report. Using cherry picked photos and select information gets a cherry picked answer and it may not be the right one in the larger scheme of things.
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